1st Review of Sarto
1st Review of Sarto " Dinamica" (Chapter1 @ Kao-Yai)
02 June 2015

The Chasing of Sarto Dinamica/Test Ride at Kao-Yai National park, Thailand.(Chapter1)

by: Khun Radit Suttisuntorn (Nickname: Pla) of Dramatical Riders
Mr. Pla has been working in Diichi kikaku, Thailand in the position of Asst. Production Director. He is interested in researching road bicycle of any brands.

I had been provided a good chance from brother Big, a manager of Cycam Bike which is the Authorized Distributor of handmade bicycle Brand “SARTO” from Italy. He invited me to try a bike up to Khao Yai Mountain by riding SARTO “Dinamica” . Firstly, let me restate that one afternoon last month, I was irritated when I had no idea on my work. I opened the Facebook and caught a sight of a picture from Instagram. It was an official profile of “SARTO” which was shared by little brother Konk of Ducking Tiger. It impressed me at the first sight. I followed the link to the origin and found hashtag #SartoDinamica. I continued searching in the website of “SARTO”, finally I found keyword of “handmade bike” and “custom bike”. I kept searching further in other websites to find model of “SARTO” bicycle. The model which can draw my attention and urges my soul the most is “Dinamica”. I was collecting many more reviews from every source mainly Australian rider community and the rider community of USA and found that it was all-rounder, which qualified its quality advertise in all websites. The reason I read from these communities is because my colleagues said these groups are fonder to all-rounder than prominent which is likely required by pro. All-rounder is a market model which is mostly taken by ordinary person such as amateur or trivial. In my opinion it gives enough benefit.
Reviews about Stability and Reaction is “Good” and Comfortable is “Great”. After collecting and summarizing information from websites, there were comments for selling it in positive way “it was not my style, it was not my solution, I sold it not because it was not good”. There was nothing negative, mostly introduced or compared with mainstream frame from the other brands. For me, the image in my mind is like Cervélo R3 or R5. I turned my eye from reviews to talk with my friend and when I returned to do web searching I saw a list of suppliers in my glance … There!! … There!! … There is a supplier in Thailand!!! Absolutely, there is Name and Telephone number but why I never heard or seen the name before. I forwarded link to the team’s chat room and asked for someone who gonna help me to check it up. I left for my work solution. Two hours later, I came back and got the answer that “CYCAM” Bike shop is open but we did not tell anyone. How can you find us?” “Yes, we have that model, if you’d like to see it, we can meet …” Then we made a deal and went to see Brother Big at his place.
At CYCAM’s showroom office there are some products of SARTO and some from other brands. Brother Big is a tall & sturdy guy with kind, humor and trickery characteristic as well as bicycle training techniques which he can explain it in simple way with friendly and artful spirit. Brother Big gave us a chance to try riding. We tried all from Litespeed to Sarto. After I saw this model, I was terribly impressed with details whether  the framing, colorizing, as well as every angle which is so beautiful and adorable. Brother Big told me to try it; riding, shaking, and pressing it in the extremely way to know whether it is OK or Not OK. We also exchanged knowledge and ideas. Finally, I asked him for more serious riding test because I was interested in this model.
“SARTO DINAMICA” is designed to be all-around bike which SARTO claims it is an all-in-one bike that can be Criterium, Road Race and Grand Frondo. Speaking in the simple way it is a Partial-Bike. I recalled my old day and found that I likely to drag my friends to where and then, in the other hand, I likely to be abandoned and rode alone, but after a period, many come after me. My image of VENGE before I own it is like Arrow Vintage which is flew by the Fixed Gear. But I was totally wrong. I wrote about VENGE properties several months ago. In brief, if you like drafting or your style is a late bloomer, VENGE is the best choice. When drafting you lose less stamina, I can guarantee hence this is what specializes has claims. However, it will turn to nightmare when dragging if you are not strong enough and run out of strength. I mean really run out of strength and unable to stay with the group. I fall in this situation in Chai-Nat Racing, only 8 kilometers to win, it is sorrow. Then I think about something all-round, and it do not look antique which is contrast to my character. I look like a tidy punk, something like that. With the classic style like R3/R5, Supersix or Émoda it’s not me. Finally, I found this lovely model.
At last, brother Big gave me a permission to test climbing up the mountain. In fact, we were about to go. But when we asked him, he said “alright! I was about to go too”. Then we ask him to catch a ride and also the permission. Brother Big prepared me the full option, Drive Ultrega Di2, Pad ASTUTE and Aluminum wheels OSEOUS. I took a little bit warming because I came late and got lost; it is always dramatically for the Dramatic. After some warming, it is time to climb. For this test I had slept only 4 hours, which made me feel unstable both heartbeat and breath, I would be tired and panting easily.
Stiffness: I try to test with all my strength. I can tell that the wheel OSEOUS Commuter can help in some level, it is smooth and stiff but not hard. Absolutely, when I try DINAMICA I feel a good force transmission, fit and supportive. It’s different when compared to VENGE, fit but very hard. Supportive is the feeling like there are springs which keep transmitting force to massage our legs, I can continue cycling. I’m a heavy man. I gained 7 kilograms and 87 kg now. When I climbed with VENGE, sometimes I had to put force and felt of frame bending, even though it was just a few occasion. But with DINAMICA there was no case, especially, I feel losing less stamina.
Comfort: means the ability to spread of the bumping force. DINAMICA offers the feeling like it can absorb the bumping force better than VENGE. It is comfortable and soft. I rate 68% to Propel 70% for VENGE and F8 and 80% for DINAMICA
Stability: I cannot give a comment for plain; maybe I have to ask brother Big to do another test on a plain before I can tell more. As for climbing, the stability of force transmission is like what I had explained in Para stiffness, it is stiff and fit. I can keep pace from the supporting force; it is the highlight of SARTO DINAMICA which helps distribute the bumping force and turn it into supporting force. It can be seen obviously when go down. VENGE with speed over 55 km/hr begins to sway. This maybe the 50mm wheel which I had to press on the front to prevent it from flinging. VENGE gave the dizzy feeling on the way down but I can gain max speed at 67 km/hr. For DINAMICA, even I hold the dropbar in normal stance, it can move...  … the Dinamica can keep the momentum better than VENGE maybe it is because VENGE is designed to gain speed in short time. I allow DINAMICA flowing down, it’s slower than VENGE but in the long range I got the speed at 75 km/hr with no feeling of flying bike. I still not sure because today I use low profile wheel. But about flinging from wind crossing, DINAMICA is less than VENGE. And about the new max speed on the way down is maybe because the ability to keep momentum of the frame. The stability impressed me especially on the curve which made me feel stick when pushing, and I yet had a supportive force. Even the Cross wind when riding on the curve with high speed down is nothing about flinging. I can say that if there was very little. I will test again on plain and will be back to explain in the next time.
ASTUTE SADDLE: for the saddle, I have to tell that when I saw it in the first time I think … Oh! My, it had to be loose and its broad wing can make it suck, why they don’t emphasize to the comfort. After sat on and do cycling the first 20 Km, I think…why it is too harsh…I have to die before end of this trip. But it’s not true, after a while, when the foam was fitted into my body, I felt happy. No reaction press or skidding, it had just stiff. Even when pressed it barely bends to corrupt my press or deflect my hip position. I felt very comfortable and can keep cycling more long time. I began interested in this Camo design.
Aluminum wheel OSEOUS: with my experiences with a number of wheels, I felt the hob is better spin like Zipp, I can feel a faint of it although it gives a little feel of flying but it is stiff enough. Especially when pressing, rocking and bumping up the hill, I feel it is hard to sway. It was fun with the sound when pressing, it made me satisfied. About the flow and durable, after a few bunny-hopping I feel the wheels and hob is still and smooth even bear my weight of 87 Kg. It’s a good wheel for training, to try and have it as you wish.
Conclusion: riding up the hill based on my opinion I gave 8.5 from 10 (you can share your score and comments if you have any ideas or feel contrast). For me, DINAMICA is highlight on stability which it made me feel alright because it is always in control and made me feel safe. But VENGE when riding on the sharp curve in the Cross wind it had a little sway (but in the middle of the group or on plain it never tremble to cross wind, if the wind is not over 20 km/hr)
Today I have to say thank you to brother Big, little brother Aou, little brother Num and staffs of CYCAM for providing aid and trust me to review my straight feelings. Especially, thank you to brother Big for techniques he teaches and shares in our training. After all, I thank you to the Drama bro who are accompanied me on all trips today. It was fun!!