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MOA SPORT's history dates back to more than 40 years ago. It is a history of innovations, industrial development and many victories which have marked the growth and the importance of the company, leading it to have a position of leadership in the market of the cycling technical clothing industry.

MOA SPORT manufacture items of clothing completely designed and made in Italy. Every single phase of the production line is developed and managed in-house: from research and development to style, from the development to the production of the materials employed, as well as from printing to the final production. The company, therefore, is able to guarantee extremely high quality standards, adopting the "Made in Italy" tradition as its own brand.

Many years of research and development, passion and dedication have enabled MOA SPORT to conquer one of the best places within its market: the living testimony that this well-established place is an undeniable fact comes from the professional cycling teams who have been preferring the MOA brand over the competition for years. Great champion teams, in fact, choose the quality, technical excellence and innovation that only the workmanship of MOA's tailoring division is able to offer. It's not only a matter of items of clothing being highly evolved, fully performing and very fashionable: the MOA design is truly unmistakable and incomparable!

MOA SPORT also makes its own professionalism available to amateur teams to help them to produce their own customised kit: highly qualified technical and commercial consultants will study and design tailor-made solutions for every team.

The new MOA collection is the utmost expression of continuous research and innovation, whether it deals with professional or amateur teams. Every item of clothing and every accessory bearing the MOA brand is perfect for whoever considers cycling as his own lifestyle and reason for being.

Elegance, Made in Italy quality and highly-sophisticated technologies are 'part and parcel' of each item of clothing. A quest for perfect design and careful attention to details, as well as the use of functional, protective, light and ergonomic latest-generation materials: these are all "must-have elements" which favour optimum comfort when sitting on the saddle of a bicycle.

These items of clothing are designed and made for all those who love to cycle in any circumstances, challenging and extending one's own limitations every day. These truly are items capable of winning whatever challenge comes their way!

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