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“Cycling is just a part of us, but Carbon Fiber Composites is our life.

” Based on a 30 years manufacturing background of carbon fiber composite  applications, started from tennis racket manufacturing to solar cell,  Wafer Foundry, TFT-LCD and medical equipment parts, OSEOUS is a brand  of the factory developing only for high-end cycling components. 

“Record-braking, the element of speed.”

In 1987, the president of OSEOUS, Carlos Tsai applied his patent tri-spoke  carbon wheels. In 1988-1989, Paula New by fraser won 2 times Ironman  World Championship in Hawaii with Carlos’ evolutionary wheels.  By the record-braking victory, it was where we learned to make a high  speed carbon wheel in professional race.

Ceramic Armour Technology

Thanks to the Carbon Ceramics Thermal Spraying Technology, the natural weakness in carbon rim has been overcame. A concept came from the brake performance of Formula 1 sport cars, which combines the materials with processes from aero technology.

Thermal Spraying Technology

Nano-scale Ceramic forms on the surface of carbon fiber rim by automatic & hi-tech. equipment, ceramic material is melted up to 10,000 degree C and perfectly formed to carbon fiber rim without any damage.

This system gives special characteristic to OSEOUS carbon fiber rims, especially, when braking in the long descent, the ceramics offers the properties of wear and heat resistance. These superior functions reduce the high temperature damages during braking.

Excellent Characteristics

- Wear Resistance

- Thermal Barrier    

- Shorten Brake Distance    

- Prolong Wheel Life

- Equal Brake Performance in Dry/ Wet Condition

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